Hong Kong Private Cars to
Guangdong and Macao
Hong Kong private cars to Guangdong

Hong Kong private cars are required to complete all the formalities as required by the three governments before driving to the HZMB.

Required Procedures

(1) Private cars travelling between Hong Kong and Guangdong

Similar to arrangements at other land boundary crossings, private cars which have been allocated with quotas for travelling between Guangdong and Hong Kong via the HZMB must first obtain the Mainland Approval Notices issued by the Guangdong Public Security Department and Closed Road Permit (CRP) issued by the Transport Department and complete other formalities in the Mainland before travelling between Guangdong and Hong Kong.

For the application procedures of CRP, please visit:

Required Procedures

(2) Private cars travelling between Macao and Hong Kong
(a) Regular Quota for Hong Kong Private Cars to Macao

Hong Kong private cars allocated with regular quotas are permitted to make multiple access to the city of Macao via the HZMB. These quotas are valid for three years and would be re-allocated upon expiry by the Transport Department through open application.

To facilitate the applicants, the three Governments have endeavoured to simplify the licensing requirements. With HK full Driving Licence, designated drivers may stay in Macao for at most 14 days without the hassle of any other formalities. For stays in Macao exceeding 14 days, only a simple and free registration with the Macao Public Security Police Force is required. For vehicle licence, Hong Kong private cars are not required to display the Macao vehicle number plate and are only required to display the labels and permits issued by the Macao government authorities. A fee of MOP 100 is charged by the Macao Customs Service upon the first arrival at Macao Port (i.e. Applicants only need to pay once during the three-year quota validity period). The Mainland government authorities do not require the applicants to obtain Mainland quota and formal vehicle and driving licences, but they do require basic information of the relevant PCs and drivers for issue of temporary vehicle and driving licences for filing records. Simple and convenient in nature, such requirements comply with the Laws and regulations of the three Governments.

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(b) HZMB Macao Port Park-and-Ride Scheme

Eligible Hong Kong private car owners may go to Macao via the HZMB and park their private cars at the East Car Park of the HZMB Frontier Post at Macau Port for a short stay without any quota requirement. The private car owners only need to obtain the requisite vehicle licences and permits from the Hong Kong and Macao Governments respectively and reserve a car parking space at the Macao Car Park. Drivers and passengers of the private cars should park their cars at the Macao Car Park and complete the clearance procedures before interchanging with public transport to travel to other areas of Macao.

Hong Kong private car owners applying for the “HZMB Macao Port Park-and-Ride Scheme” are required to submit their applications to Transport Department (TD) to obtain the required licences and permits of the three Governments. With the applicants' consents, the TD will pass the information of applicants, vehicles and drivers to the Macao and the Mainland government authorities for processing applications. Upon the approval by Macao Government and the preliminary assessment of filing records by the Mainland Government, the TD will issue the `Closed Road Permit' and the Macao's `Identification Label' to the applicants. Before departure, the applicants must purchase the Mainland vehicle insurance as required by the Mainland Government and upload such information to the Mainland's online filing platform for formal approval for filing records.

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Besides, applicants are required to purchase the Mainland and Macao statutory vehicle insurance. For details, please refer to the website of the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI)