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FAQ on Emergency & Rescue
1. What are the available channels for travellers seeking assistance within the Hong Kong territory or on the Main Bridge?
Travellers who encounter incidents at Hong Kong Port or on Hong Kong Link Road may call 999 emergency hotline direct for assistance. If they encounter incidents on the Main Bridge, they may call the Mainland’s emergency telephone number 110 for assistance.

2. In the event of emergencies on the HZMB, Hong Kong Link Road or at Hong Kong Port, what are the rescue and ambulance services arrangements?
The HZMB Fire Station cum Ambulance Depot at Hong Kong Port will provide rescue and emergency ambulance services for the Hong Kong Port facilities and Hong Kong Link Road. To tie in with the commissioning of the HZMB, the fire station cum ambulance depot will be equipped with water tenders for flexible deployment in carrying out firefighting and rescue tasks, depending on the nature and location of the incident on the HZMB.

3. If members of the public sustain injury or require urgent medical assistance at Hong Kong Port or on Hong Kong Link Road, what ambulance facilities are there to help them?
In addition to HZMB Fire Station cum Ambulance Depot at Hong Kong Port, fire stations cum ambulance depots under the South West Division of the New Territories (including the nearby Chek Lap Kok Fire Station, Penny’s Bay Fire Station and Tung Chung Fire Station and their respective ambulance depot) can immediately send in reinforcement where necessary.

4. Does the performance pledge of the Hong Kong Fire Services Department apply to incidents on the HZMB? What is the pledged response time?
FSD’s performance pledge is applicable to incidents occurring on the HZMB Hong Kong Link Road and within the Hong Kong Port facilities. The graded response times for calls to fires in buildings are 6 minutes for the built-up areas, and 9 to 23 minutes for areas of dispersed risks and isolated development. For emergency ambulance services, the target response time is 12 minutes.

5. Will Hong Kong, Macao and the Mainland carry out joint rescue operations?
In general, rescue operations on the HZMB are carried out in accordance with the “territoriality principle”. The three places are responsible for handling emergencies occurring within their own jurisdictions. In the event of major fire or traffic accidents involving casualties, one party may, through the contact point, request another party to deploy rescuers for cross-boundary assistance. That other party will endeavor to support rescue operations under the “rescue first” consideration.

6. How will the general public / media obtain information in the event of emergencies on the HZMB?
Hong Kong Police Force’s mechanisms for enquiries by general public and media:

Mechanisms for disseminating information on emergencies to the general public and media:

  • HKPF social media app
  • HKPF Facebook
  • HKPF Website (Press release)
  • HKPF Interactive Platform for the Release of Information to the Media

7. Where is the closest government hospital’s accident and emergency department to Hong Kong Port?
The closest one is the A&E department at the North Lantau Hospital.

8. In the event of an incident involving a lot of casualties on the HZMB, what criteria will FSD ambulances adopt in taking the injured persons to hospitals? To which hospitals will they be sent?
In an event involving heavy casualties, the FSD will divert the injured persons to different hospitals for treatment in accordance with the triage system established with the Hospital Authority. FSD ambulances will convey these people to the hospitals of the HKSAR.

Transport Department:

Highways Department:

Immigration Department:

Customs and Excise Department:

Department of Health:

The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers – HZMB Insurance Corner:

Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Authority:

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Emergency Telephone Numbers

In emergency situations, please contact the local police, ambulance service, fire and other emergency services by calling 999.

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Transport Advisory Committee Transport Complaints Unit 2889 9999
1823 operated by the Government 1823
Police Hotline 2527 7177
Road Co-op Lost & Found 24-Hour Free Hotline for Lost Property on Taxi 187 2920
Airport Authority Hong Kong 2181 8888
Hong Kong Tourism Board 2508 1234